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Infant CareAt Discovery Corner, we believe that creating successful learning environments for infants and toddlers is a process and must be continually re-evaluated based on the development needs of a specific child enrolled in our program. 

Thus a set of lessons and themes, planned in advance will not provide successful infant curriculum. Instead the successful curriculum comes from relationships that are developed between the children, the families, the caregiver, and the space.

We have identified four important pillars of our model:

  • Personal Relationships: This involves learning the signals and communications styles of each child, responding when the child cries, and communicating with respect during routines.
  • Classroom Environment: We strive to provide physical space free from hazards and harmful elements so that children may explore the environment.
  • Family Connections: Communicating with parents is accomplished through conversations at pick up or drop off, and through written communication about feeding, diapering, sleeping, health, and behavioral changes.
  • Care giving Environment: We strongly believe that effective infant curriculum can only be built by honoring the unique rhythm of each individual child, adapting to the child rather than child adapt to the program.