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Quality Daycare
At Discovery Corner Childcare & Enrichment Center, our philosophy in operating a child care program is two-fold: to meet the needs of parents for affordable, quality child care; and to insure that a child’s individual needs are met through our staffing and programming.

Our daycare program is based on sound principles of child development. Our goals are to give children a sense of self worth by helping them develop at their own pace while learning. We want the children to feel confident and secure enough to explore and grow in a stimulating educational and social daycare environment.


Program Summary

We provide activities in the following early childhood development areas:

  • Social Development (Getting along in groups, Learning responsible behavior (such as sharing, respecting ethnic/cultural/age/sexual differences etc)
  • Cognitive Development (Building reading and writing skills, providing experience with math and science, fostering imagination and creativity
  • Language Skills (Listening, speaking, following directions, learning numbers, relational concepts and classification skills leading to problem solving)
  • Physical Development (Developing large and small muscle skills, exploring rhythms and movement, improving eye-hand coordination and perceptual skills)
  • Emotional Development (Fostering cooperation, Developing independence, initiative and trust, Experiencing art, music, drama and dance)