Pre-School - Pre-K

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Pre-School – Pre-K

Pre-School and Pre-KPre School and Pre-K is designed and encouraged to guide children in the development of self direction, individual responsibility, and intellectual growth. We follow the widely accepted Creative Curriculum. 

Creative Curriculum meets the guidelines for developmentally appropriate practices and is taught with focus and integration.


In conjunction with the Creative Curriculum we also use The Letter People to help enforce early reading skills. Our children here at Discovery Corner are well prepared for kindergarten.

Here are some of the activities that take place in our preschool and Pre-K program:

  • Theme-Oriented activities: color, fairy tales, professions, health, etc.
  • Natural science through experiments and hands-on activities: ice-day, mixing of colors, material manipulation etc.
  • Math and critical thinking skills: sorting and classifying objects, concepts of shapes and quantities.
  • Arts and languages: music, painting, creative art works etc..

We provide field trips, visitors from the community, games, and imaginary sight seeing. We are proud that our classrooms are multicultural, which enables every one to learn from each other and respect each other’s needs and ideas.